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Mountain Tamalpais

On Moutain Tamalpais I slept outside on top of the mountain. It was a hot summer night and the room we had was claustrophobic. I decided to take my sleeping bag and sleep outside. The sky was full of stars it was magic. There was a lot of wind, but I guess I fell a sleep and when I woke up the wind was gone in the thin air, it must have been around 4 AM. The early morning was starting and I had this amazing view of the sun rising slowly in the quietness of me, myself and I. the serenity of this moment was amazing. — at Mount Tamalpais State Park.

Sunrise Mnt Tamalpais

Sunrise Mnt Tamalpais

Northern California Landscape – the romance, mystery and enchantment

While lingering on the roads of the Marin Headlands, I’m always in awe for this beautiful landscape. the overwhelming nature, the fog hanging around the mountains, just above the ocean over the Golden Gate Bridge. The whole scene is by times so dramatic that it just stimulates your imagination. It could be a crime, a lovers scene, dark sides of life or a moment of opportunity, inspiration for doing something you always wanted to do.

Rodeo Beach

Rodeo Beach

Take time off of being in a hectic world most of the time, always connected. Going to a certain Walden space where time is on your side and you control it. Let your mind be free and let thoughts flow with the rythm of the ocean, which can be wild but soothing. The sound of the ocean and the waves. Waves always comes in sets of three my companion tells me.  Something I always think about now when I go to the ocean, just to check I guess.

Sausilito boat ride

Sausilito boat ride

That boatride from  San francisco to  Sausilito is just one romantic trip, Always in a dream state when taking that boat, mainly how life flashes by and we hardly stand still. These moments of reflections when feeding your eyes with beautiful sights around you. This time took a late afternoon ride, passing Angel Island, Alcatraz and a the far end the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a foggy day with some sunshine, arriving in Sausilito it was nice and sunny, just passed the fog belt.  Tourists are taking photos from every corner. I guess I’m a tourist to, but I don’t feel that way anymore after all these years.

GoldenGate early morning

GoldenGate early morning

My 1000th picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, the statue of dreams, potential and tragedy.  I don’t have more words for it, it is just an amazing feeling being close to it. It is all in the mind right :).

Favorite bike routes

Depending on the time I have, these are my favorite bike routes. Starting in the city where I usually stay to Ocean Beach through Golden Gate Park. The thrill is to go downhill in Golden Gate Park, it is like flying to Ocean Beach on the bike. Really a cool experience, you can smell the air of the pines, or that specific California airsmell.

Ocean BeachThe Long version is go through Land’s End through the Presidio to Crissy Fields. Enjoy the view all the way on this route. The Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, to a stop on the beach at Crissy Fields or do a small meetup on the Bridge. Return to home by Arguello Blvd, pass Presidio Terrace, some nice houses there! Into Golden Gate Park and take the Bike Route to get back to the starting point.Crissy Field



Driving to the end of the world – Bombay Beach 2012

Why do you want to go there? What is there to see? It will be over 100°F! It is way out there…., what are you going to do there?

    bombayBeach arrival  

All these questions, my answers didn’t really help… or they did, everybody I talked about it, they all took the effort to watch the documentary – Bombay beach – which I saw during Docfest in the UK in 2011 by Alma Har’el! It so happened she was sitting next to me, so had a change to have a little talk, and after the screening she did document on the documentary as well, enough triggers for me to put it on my to see places list!

It is hot there but not heartwarming my friends told me, but they where ready to join me to Bombay Beach! Heather telling to everybody, I will show the Belgians the splendors of America, and then I came in with a little voice, yeah and Bombay Beach too! Funny!


On the way we were, driving to the end of the world at least it really felt that way, once on Highway 111 coming from Palm Springs, the road became more and more lonely. No billboards anymore, signage is gone, no shops, gas stations, grocery stores for miles and miles. It rained all the time, and occasionaly there were floods on the road.

Bombay beach is close to the Mexican border by the Salton Sea, a rich area in the 60’s, now the poorest area in the Southern California.

Bombay BeachHJ

Finally we approaching… ‘Welcome to Bombay Beach’. With the rain it felt even more depressing than it already was, the area was flooding and we hardly could drive anywhere. they built a dike, so before the dike it was completely flooded, mud everywhere, no access.
A few people were doing something, who was watching who, right. It was nearly midday and it was hard to tell if there were still people living, but some mailboxes were in tact and dogs and cats were walking around in this surreal place.

Bombay Beach_5

The beach smells like hell, dead fish everywhere a post apocalyptic feel comes to mind strolling around there! A population of outcasts, nowhere to run and nowhere to stay, nothing left to lose a place that stays lingering in your mind, how do people get there? And how do they live there, driving hours for groceries, isolated from civilization but still stories to tell.

Bombay Beach_7

Would I go back, most probably if Im in the neighborhood!

Listen to the key song of Bombay Beach – Beirut – Santa Fe and watch the doc!

It’s a rich slice of Americana, and there’s a great soundtrack from musicians including Bob Dylan – The Guardian



 Bombay Beach_3